Leslie Kaplan

Owner, principal planner, and creative director, Leslie Kaplan founded ENCORE in 2012.  With over 12 years in the industry, she has experience as a coordinator of corporate and social events at one of LA's most prestigious establishments, and as an assistant coordinator to some of the best.  Finding inspiration from her love of high fashion and her studies in interior design, she incorporates unique luxury elements into each of ENCORE's events.


A self proclaimed obsessive perfectionist. Hopeless romantic. DREAMER.  DOER.  DESIGNER.   MINIMALIST.  CLASSIC.  LIST-A-HOLIC.  Negotiation guru.  Creative.  ANIMAL LOVER.  FOODIE.   Curator. type-A.  RELENTLESS.  Workaholic. 


“I love my work and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the most special days of my clients’ lives.  I enjoy bringing visions to a reality and creating moments that make unforgettable memories for years to come." 


Stacey joined the ENCORE team in 2014.  Her previous experience in the corporate world includes; events, brand marketing, communication and human resources.  Her favorite part of event planning is the behind the scenes work; ensuring that every detail leading up to the big day is in order and perfectly organized.  She also LOVES planning small events such as bridal showers, baby showers & children’s parties.  When she’s not event planning, you can find her shopping, watching a good movie with her hubby, decorating her house, drinking a Starbucks latte and chasing after her two little kids - Brooklyn & Cash. 


PASSIONATE.  Problem solver.  Resourceful.  Decision maker.  Finds joy in organizing and cleaning.  Compassionate.  Multi-tasker.  Doer.  planner.  Loves the small details that make an event special.  STARBUCKS addict.  Punctual. 

"I used to read the quote "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life" and wonder if it was actually possible.  I love event planning and feel blessed that I haven't "worked" a day since I've been with the ENCORE team."   




Taylor began her ENCORE career as an intern in 2014.  After working for an LA interior designer, Taylor discovered her love for design and knack for making someone's vision come to life.  As senior and full-time student, she enjoys involving herself in all that is offered at school and the professional world.  Her love for design and planning continues to grow as she enters new professions and aspects of life.  Always up for anything, and she is always willing to tackle new obstacles.   



"Being surrounded by Leslie and the ENCORE team, I'm aways inspired to be different and to challenge myself.  I love the creative process and gaining new ideas and insights from our clients.  No job is ever the same and I take pride in making sure that the work I am putting forward is always the best it can be."