I can't even begin to put my praise, appreciation and respect in words for Leslie. I was a bit of a control freak, practically tried tackling every aspect on my own. However, once Leslie came in to the picture, life got a lot easier. She was beyond attentive and responsive. She was organized, professional and simply perfect in every way I could have imagined. 

Leslie was incredibly thorough--creating extremely detailed timelines, ensuring all permits, licenses and liability release documents were in to the venue well before deadline, garnering all vendor contacts and call times, coordinating our rehearsal and so forth. Then on the day of...she was just magnificent! Extremely well organized, helpful, authoritative and down right forceful when needed. I had this wonderful moment of experiencing her in action when our DJ was taking too long on our bridal party announcement. She MADE SURE our grand entrance went as it was supposed to. She apologized for me having to witness her yelling in to her head set, but I have to say...it made me smile. From that point on, I knew I didn't have to worry about a single thing! 

She was so instrumental in bringing our vision and plans to fruition. I couldn't imagine anyone else handling our event with such grace as Leslie and her team did. She truly went above and beyond. She was first to arrive and last to leave, and let me tell you it was an extremely long and hot day. She was poised and professional and truly put me at such ease on the day of. 

I cannot recommend Leslie enough! Just an absolutely wonderfully magnificent experience across the board. And again, I'm a HUGE control freak! 

(side note, at one point we had been emailing like crazy. For days. She was sending me spreadsheets & timelines and being incredibly responsive. It wasn't until after 3 days of this back and forth that I saw on Instagram that she was vacationing in Hawaii with her husband! If that's not dedication to the work, I don't know what is!)


Leslie's capabilities and performance will enhance any amount of planning you may do for your wedding. She is a professional, detail-oriented, planner and coordinator who anticipates every need before things happen. Our wedding went without a single misstep or time lapse thanks to Leslie and her team. We thought we could do with minimal help, but the actual amount of detail and time required is larger that you could anticipate. Having to completely free your mind of all details beginning with the rehearsal dinner through the wedding is a luxury you can't imagine. Of course, her work begins months before. I would recommend Leslie to anyone planning anything that requires intricate details: weddings, corporate functions, etc.


Hiring them would be the BEST thing you could possibly do for your wedding. When you first get engaged it's hard to imagine just how much work lies ahead, and without them my wedding would have been a disaster. It's a ton of work even with their help, so trust me, you need them! On top of exceeding our expectations professionally, they have exquisite taste. Their eye for design is classy, unique, personal to your individual style, and all accomplished within your budget. I honestly can't rave about them enough. THANK YOU Encore for the perfect wedding, we couldn't have done it without you!!!


The Encore team is phenomenal! Hiring Encore to plan my April 2016 wedding was easily the best wedding planning decision I made. My wedding was more beautiful, more personal, and more fun than I ever imagined it could be, and the credit for that goes to Encore. Encore made wedding planning stress free and enjoyable. At every step of planning, Leslie and Stacey were exceedingly organized, dedicated, creative, responsive and professional. The event planning experience and expertise that they bring to the table is extensive and invaluable. They answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. They provided logistical suggestions that made our wedding day run smoothly, and they gave aesthetic advice that brought the vision we had for our wedding day to life. Leslie and Stacey demonstrated an uncanny ability to keep track of every small detail while remaining constantly mindful of how those details would come together and contribute to the overall experience we wanted to provide for our guests. The results were spectacular. When I walked up to the venue on the day of the wedding, it took my breath away.
I was so impressed by all of the vendors that Leslie and Stacey recommended. Working with such a talented and fun team made for such an enjoyable wedding day. I could never have put that team together without Encore. Speaking of an enjoyable wedding day, I still cannot believe how much fun I had at my own wedding. The day of, Leslie and Stacey took care of every detail so that our families, our bridal party, all of our guests, and my new husband and I were left only to enjoy every wonderful moment of the day. I will be forever be grateful to Leslie, Stacey, and their team for making my wedding day so magical. I have already recommended them to my family, my friends, and anyone who will listen. I am certain that if you are lucky enough to work with Encore, you will soon be doing the same.


If I could write a thousand 5-star reviews for Leslie I would! As a magazine editor who spent much of my career covering celebrity weddings, I definitely had visions for my perfect day, and a lot of experience with top-notch vendors. But Leslie exceeded our expectations in every way. On a personal level, Leslie is the kindest, most thoughtful person. On a professional level, she is beyond organized (Google Drive + email response times will make you feel as if yours is the only wedding she's working on); she is highly respected by vendors, and she guides her clients through the planning process without even the slightest hint of pressure or judgement. She offers advice on etiquette, timelines, spending, and design, but is 100% respectful of each couple’s budget and preferences. She makes an effort to incorporate personal touches and unique details to reflect each couple’s personality. And Leslie is a master at making sure the wedding is seamless and the couple never has to worry about anything but enjoying their day. My husband and I included our 6-month-old daughter and our dog in our ceremony, so we had our hands full. Yet I was happier and more relaxed on our wedding day than ever before, because I was completely confident with Leslie running the show. All I had to do was soak in every precious moment with my loved ones. Oh, and it was also the most gorgeous wedding I’ve ever seen and every single person there — even the guys! — was blown away by the level of beauty, the impeccable service, and the flow of the day. Even planning from afar (we are based in L.A. and our wedding was in Pebble Beach), Leslie handled every single detail and vendor flawlessly. Whether you are working with a large budget or a more modest one, it is well worth it to allocate a portion of your funds for coordination so that you will actually enjoy the planning process and the wedding itself. The best wedding decision we made was to hire Leslie; everything else fell into place from there!


The second my husband and I met Leslie
we knew she was the best person to help bring our wedding vision to life and execute an unforgettable event. Leslie's impeccable taste and unique styling are unmatched by many; our guests are still swooning over our beautiful wedding.

Leslie and her team also made the wedding planning process exciting and stress free. They maintained open and effective dialogue thru out the planning process while ensuring we were on budget and on task at all times. 

We truly loved (and miss) working with Leslie and team and can't wait to work with them again on a future event!


We hired Leslie/Encore to plan our wedding and are happy to say that we got much more than we expected. Her sense of style, attention to detail, vendor connections and vision were instrumental in making our special day the wedding of our dreams. Her vendor recommendations were spot on and she worked with us to find solutions that fit our expectations and our budget. Additionally, her ability to understand our overall direction and combine it with her unique and impeccable sense of style resulted in final products that were beautiful, elegant and uniquely fitted to our taste. The setup at our ceremony and reception literally took our breath away. 

In the month since our wedding we have received many complements on the band, invitations, flowers, food, décor, and the list goes on and on. Everything was absolutely perfect! 

We LOVE Leslie, she is WONDERFUL, and we HIGHLY recommend her to plan your next special event!!


I feel so lucky to have had Leslie Kaplan as our wedding planner. I could not have pulled off the big day without all her help, advice and hard work along the way. 

She was extremely professional and responsive throughout the planning process. My husband and I live across the country, but she was always available to talk on the phone, email or skype. She was full of considerations I had not thought of, which were invaluable, and she was so helpful in helping create the vision for our big wedding day. 

Leslie obviously has strong knowledge of this industry and was a resource for all sorts of questions along the way. From receiving lines to dance sessions after the first dance, she was on call to field a wide array of questions. 

She ran the rehearsal effectively, with the aid of an assistant. And on the wedding day, she and the assistant were there throughout the day/evening, always on hand to address any hectic/specific questions. It was wonderful to know she was handling all the issues so we didn’t have to. 

And of course, it didn’t hurt that she was reasonably priced and our wedding party/parents loved her! :) 

Bottom line – you can’t go wrong with Leslie Kaplan and Encore Event Design.


Our daughter was recently married, it was the most wonderful, joyful day in our families life. My daughter and new son-in-law's Wedding day went smoothly and flawlessly due to the expert, caring, professional supervision of our Wedding / Event Planner, Leslie. My husband had originally been against the idea of using the services of an Event Planner, all I can say is: we are SO GRATEFUL he changed his mind, and we were fortunate, Leslie was with us! Under Leslie's dedicated supervision, she made sure every detail, no matter how small of our daughter's dream Wedding vision was carried out ... all with an amazing calm smile that put us completely at ease so we could relax and enjoy the day and evening. Leslie is wonderful to work with, we can't recommend Leslie highly enough... the rating here is a 5 our family would give Leslie a rating of 11 on a scale of 10!!


Leslie and Stacey are the best of the best. From the moment that my husband and I met with Leslie, I knew that she would make our dream wedding come true. We engaged Leslie to provide complete wedding planning and design services and I am confidant to say that it was the best decision we made in the entire wedding process. 

Throughout the entire planning process Leslie and Stacey were extremely organized, professional and a pleasure to work with. At the beginning of the planning, we received a checklist/ timeline of tasks. Each week, I received an email that detailed the items completed the week before, those that needed to be completed in the coming week and those that needed to be completed that month. This made an endlessly long and overwhelming list a set of manageable tasks. 

Everyone told me I was the calmest bride they had ever worked with and I truly believe that this is a testament to how wonderful Leslie and Stacey are at what they do. The day of the wedding, everything ran extremely smoothly and not a single detail was out of place. It was truly a dream come true. If there were any issues, I had no idea. My bridesmaids, my mom and I were at the venue all day. Every once in while someone from the team would check in or give me an update. Leslie, Stacey and their team members were there all day and always with a smile on their face. Everything was executed to perfection.


We are so lucky we found Leslie and Encore early in our wedding planning. We like to say Leslie saved our wedding (and our sanity). First, she is extremely professional and organized. Every month we got a list of our goals for the month, along with a checklist so that things didn’t pile up at the end. Leslie was always very responsive and followed up all the time to make sure we were satisfied. She was also extremely adept at negotiating contracts with vendors and saved us a ton of money after we let her run with this.  

When it came to the day-of, there was not a SINGLE hitch. Not one. We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it never did. Leslie and her staff coordinated everything so that it ran like a well-oiled machine and we were able to just sit back and enjoy the day. And what an amazing day it was.  

Moreover, while the work she puts in is top-notch, what was striking and refreshing was that we could tell that Leslie really loves what she does, and genuinely cares about us and making our day as memorable and perfect as possible. She can’t come more highly recommended and any couple would be lucky to work with Leslie and her dedicated staff at Encore. 


Leslie was amazing to work with. As the groom, with far fewer responsibilities and tasks than my bride, there wasn't a moment where either of us were stressed about or concerned with things that needed handling. Leslie had it all very professionally under control, and made our special day just that, a special day.


We hired Leslie to be our wedding planner for the big day. She was an incredible help! We thought we had everything under control, but we were completely lost without her! Leslie is organized, professional, thorough, patient, creative, attentive, detailed, modern and amazing to work with! She was constantly 5 steps ahead of us and would think of things before we even knew we needed them. She had a huge selection of vendors that made it easy for us to make our selections for lighting, flowers, DJ, etc. She always gave us her full attention and consistently communicated with us every step of the way. I especially appreciated her helping us with contracts and keeping us on budget. She was able to keep in touch with all the vendors and negotiated packages for us while saving us money! Every aspect of my wedding was above and beyond what I originally imagined. She seamlessly made our ideas into a reality. I really admired her modern and fresh approach to planning and trusted her opinion throughout the entire process. People are still talking about how amazing my wedding was! Thank you!


I had the pleasure of working with Leslie for my recent wedding. I can’t recommend her enough!! She is punctual, organized, dedicated and so fun to work with. Not only does she have impeccable taste, but her professionalism and work ethic is outstanding. Her passion for what she does truly shines through in her work. She has an eye for detail and the ability to see the vision for your event long before it becomes a reality. She will not stop until your event is exactly as you had hoped it would be. 

I knew Leslie had talent through seeing her work in other events, but it wasn’t until I worked directly with her for my wedding that I knew her abilities were endless. I know there is no such thing as a perfect event but thanks to Leslie, I believe my wedding was beyond perfect. She brought all my ideas to life and took care of every little detail. I can’t tell you what went wrong, but thanks to her, I will never have to know. On my big day, I was relaxed and could focus on what was important; knowing that all the planning and coordination was taken care of and in the hands of a true professional. Thank you Leslie for making my wedding more than I could have ever dreamed it could be


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